Intensive Technique Workshop

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Dance places a unique demand on the body that requires specific strengthening and conditioning in order to remain in performance shape and stay free from injury.

The Pilates for Dancers method has taken the traditional Pilates repertoire and tailored it to the specific needs of the dancer.

During the course of this 2 hour workshop we will be taking a look at the exercises that target the key areas of a dancer's technique that are necessary to perform at a high level. You will learn sequences to strengthen turn-out, lengthen lines, improve pirouettes and balance and increase power and stability in allegro.

You will also learn exercises to pre-hab and re-hab some of the most common injuries in dance.

The workshop is presented by Peak Pilates® Master Instructor, Trevor Schoonraad.

Trevor has been teaching Pilates for over 20 years and has performed as a soloist with international companies including English National Ballet and Rambert Dance Company.

Trevor is passionate about sharing the benefits of Pilates with the next generation of dancers!

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Registration Fee: 15 GBP